What is the „consoomer“ / „consume product“ meme? Meaning, definition, explanation

The Consoomer meme is a socially critical image. In this respect, excessive consumption is the main focus of criticism. It is about shoppers who buy products indiscriminately. The focus is not on utility, but on consumption. The wave of criticism has arisen, among other things, due to the phenomenon of influencers. Influencers often promote products that are backed by big brands. Influencers receive money to advertise the products. It is not uncommon for followers to buy the products without knowing what they are about.

What is the „consoomer“ / „consume product“ meme? Meaning, definition, explanation

But there are other origins that led to this meme becoming popular. In this regard, the statement „Don’t ask questions just consume product and get excited for next product“ is said to have contributed to the development of the meme. Translated, it means something like, „Don’t ask questions, just consume product and get excited for next product.“ The statement was reportedly made on „The Nerd Crew“ podcast. The statement was less serious. It was in response to criticism towards Batman marketing. Since then, the statement has spread in the meme scene, especially in connection with the Consoomer meme.

In addition to criticism of consumerism, there is likewise criticism of people themselves. Consoomer memes are associated with people who do not have their own opinions. They fit in with the general public and are unable to deal critically with various topics. Whether political opinion, film criticism or shopping, people are – according to the Consoomer Meme – not able to position themselves. People identify themselves exclusively through the media and the products they purchase.

Representation of Consoomer Memes

There are different approaches to representing the meme. Often, a Wojak meme forms the basis for consoomer memes. This meme is also seen as the original version of numerous memes. A Wojak meme is a drawn person in black and white. It has a sad look and usually no hair. The drawing is kept relatively simple. In this regard, the Wojak meme was created using a Paint program. Thereby the depicted person has a sad look. At the same time, nowadays the meme is often used in an ironic context. Nevertheless, Wojak memes are also used for sad topics.

The meme has its roots in Poland. „Wojak“ in Polish stands for fighter. A Polish forum user uploaded the meme for the first time. His name was Wojak, which is why the meme has retained that name to this day. This is also how the meme found its way to Consoomer Meme. Numerous users use the Wojak meme to create humorous memes that criticize excessive consumption.

Other movements that have a critical stance on consumption

Even though digitalization continues to evolve and simplify online shopping, there are also counter-movements. These are directed against excessive online consumption. In this respect, the FIRE movement from the USA has gained in importance. In Germany, the movement is known as frugalism. The German term, in turn, is derived from the word frugal, which stands for modesty. Followers of the movement reduce their consumption in order to retire early, at the age of 40. Nevertheless, the primary goal is not to retire at 40. Rather, it’s about living a mindful and modest lifestyle that focuses on the essentials.

Furthermore, there is another movement that can be traced back to Marie Kondo. Her book, Magic Cleaning: How Proper Tidying Up Will Change Your Life, has made international headlines. In addition, the writer has been given her own Netflix series, which gained notoriety under the name „Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.“ This is not just about tidying up. It’s likewise about unburdening oneself by consuming less. On the one hand, readers and viewers are encouraged to dispose of unnecessary objects. On the other hand, consumption is to be limited in order to prevent unnecessary excess. Their ideas have been very well received, especially with regard to the issue of sustainability.

Conclusion: What is the „consoomer“ / „consume product“ meme?

The Consoomer meme is a meme that stands for profundity and justified social criticism. It is not just about expressing one’s emotions. The Consoomer Meme is about capturing and reflecting on an important issue, namely, pronounced consumerism. The Consoomer Meme helps to create awareness about daily consumption. It is a problem for society as a whole, and it also harms the environment. Every year, numerous returned products end up in the scrap press. In the past, large corporations have regularly made headlines. In this regard, there has been repeated destruction of new products returned by customers.

Apart from this, there is an enormous burden on the environment every year because electronic waste is not disposed of properly. At the same time, people keep buying new devices, especially smartphones. Toxic substances often end up in the environment and pollute the ecosystem. With responsible consumption, it is possible to limit the consequences for society and the environment. The meme symbolizes the problem, which ultimately has many effects.

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