What is the Weird Girl Aesthetic? Explanation, meaning, definition

Today (2023), those who swim against the tide are in vogue. That’s why Generation-Z has made it a point to „go out of style.“ To reach like-minded people, they use various video platforms like TikTok to do so. They like to push the boundaries of good taste and create fashion trends that don’t really correspond to any style. The main thing is to stand out. To express their individuality, they often show themselves in supposed fashion blunders.

The desire to be fashionably out of the ordinary first went viral in 2022 with the hashtag „#WeirdGirlAesthetic.“ #WeirdGirlAesthetic means something like „aesthetics of the weird girl.“ From the shopping platform „Lyst“ this fashion movement was chosen as one of the most important in the year. No wonder, because by now the catchphrase can boast more than 308 million views.

Where are the roots of the Weird Girl aesthetic? Explanation

That this is merely an „anti-fashion trend“ is contradicted by some influencers. Rather, they say, the roots of this fashion trend lie in the childhood of weird girls. Another Influencer describes that she derived her inspiration from old MTV videos or older movies like „The Fifth Element.“ Yet another influencer describes in great detail on her TikTok channel that the roots of the Weird Girl aesthetic lie in Harajuku style. This is a trendy district in Tokyo. It was here that teenagers set the fashion trend in the early 2000s and late 1990s.

If you take a closer look at the Harajuku look, you might think that a Disney princess has fallen for streetwear. A wide variety of styles can be seen. In an English online dictionary, this style is aptly called „Gothic Lolita Style“. The best-known trademarks of this look are glittery hair clips, plastic rings that are way too big, pleated skirts, bellyless shirts with sleeves that are way too short, and batik looks.

Three characteristics that make up a Weird Girl aesthetic

By many, the Weird Girl aesthetic is described as a sense of freedom and well-being. It’s simply about wearing what you feel like without artificially joining a fashion trend. The following three characteristics distinguish a Weird Girl aesthetic:

Not everything you wear has to be out of line. For this, one thing is often enough to make the Weird Girl aesthetic your own. A small thing in the bedroom or closet; it doesn’t matter at all. After all, tastes can change quickly and so the little things can also be quickly replaced.

No matter what is bought: It should always be secondhand. Especially with clothes, value should be placed on sustainability. It is important that the things that are purchased are durable.

Mainly, the Weird Girl aesthetic is all about sustainability. Therefore, you can work with whatever you have. However, now before you pull out the „ugliest“ clothes from your closet, you should rather combine the things that you would never dream of putting together. This way, every outfit becomes a bit „weirder“.

Conclusion on the Weird Girl Aesthetic

Many justify the Weird Girl aesthetic – aside from the emotional recall value – as a departure from the Clean Girl aesthetic. The Weird Girl aesthetic is more or less the fashion answer to party girl chic.

The Weird Girl aesthetic is a kind of anti-fashion. This means that young women love their fashion so much and want to wear everything at the same time. So if you want to take away a conclusion from the Weird Girl aesthetic, it’s this, that it’s totally okay to wear what you feel like and not have to follow every fashion trend. You can be free and don’t have to follow a line. This look works great with a bit of clever styling and creativity.

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