What is a Pillow Princess? Explanation, meaning, definition

A „Pillow Princess“ is a woman who does little to nothing in bed and prefers to let her partner do all the „work“.

What is a Pillow Princess? Explanation, meaning, definition

The Pillow Princess prefers to lie on her back, be stimulated and satisfied.

In other words the Pillow Prince is the lazy passive part in bed. In clearer words, the Pillow Princess does the starfish. (If the partner doesn’t mind, that’s okay too).

The Pillow Princess does not want to reciprocate or care about the other person. She has no interest in spoiling the other person. She wants to be pampered, but not spoiled.

The Pillow Princess chooses positions in which she can relax. These are mostly positions in which she can lie on her back or on her side. So: missionary position or spooning.

More about Pillow Princess

The expression „Pillow Princess“ comes from the LGBTQ+ scene and was used here as a term for passive lesbian partners. Meanwhile, the expression has spread and is also known to people outside the LGBTQ+ scene.

The analogous expression for men is „Pillow Prince“.

Criticism of the term „Pillow Princess“

The term „Pillow Princess“ can also be understood pejoratively. Because it criticizes women for their desires, preferences, needs and drive. There are just people who do not want to have sexual intercourse so actively. Here it must be said that there is no „right“ and „wrong“ in preferences (within the law).

Furthermore, the expression „Pillow Princess“ can also be understood as denying a woman the ability to actively have sexual intercourse. Whether this is really the case or whether loaded role models play a role here would have to be clarified. Because there are still stereotypes and gender roles that deny a woman to be the active and dominant part.

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