Who is Lotta Volkova? life, profile, biography

Lotta Volkova is a Russian stylist, fashion designer and art director who has now achieved worldwide fame.

Who is Lotta Volkova? life, profile, biography

Lotta Volkova was born on February 13, 1984 in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Volkova keeps her private life strictly out of the public eye, which leads to the fact that nothing is known about her relationship status, potential siblings or children. She is 1.68 meters tall and weighs 58 kilos, according to official sources.

Lotta Volkova left her homeland at the age of 17 to head abroad. She is the daughter of a captain and an art-loving mother, who was fond of the music of the rock band Led Zeppelin. Their hit song „Whole Lotta Love“ is the model for Lotta’s first name. Her mother’s influence goes even further. She encourages her daughter to take alternative fashion paths and to be more non-conformist than conformist when it comes to her taste in clothes. Lotta Volkova took this inspiration with her to her adopted home in England. When she arrived in London, she decided to study fashion, photography and art.

Lotta Skeletrix

Three years later Volkovs created her own label (Lotta Skeletrix), which has since disappeared, but which will shape the rest of her life. Again and again her designs refer to a Soviet aesthetic, which is strongly interspersed with retrospective elements. Punk meets grunge, techno meets trash, bad taste meets good manners. Once again, anything that pleases is permitted. And Lotta Volkova’s designs appealed so much to the fashion world that she was soon staging her haute couture on behalf of others.

Now relocated to Paris, the fashion capital par excellence, Lotta Volkova sends her trendy pieces down the catwalk with the help of selected models. Her clients are the big players Vetements and Balenciaga. Sometimes Volkova can be seen on the catwalk in person, but most of the time she stays in the background. Privately, she likes to hang out with friends, which Lotta Volkova regularly documents on her Instagram account. Here, too, the image presented tends more towards shabby chic than cool perfection. However, the deliberate avoidance of vanity can be seen more as a ploy than an act of conviction.

Lotta Volkova: Instagram

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