What does the Pushing P emoji 🅿️ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

„Pushing P“ and the blue P emoji 🅿️ stand for authenticity, genuineness and being real. The P 🅿️ stands for „keep it real“.

„Pushing P“ can be understood to mean that someone is a real player and not a self-promoter.

Origin: Pushing P and the P Emoji 🅿️

„Pushing P“ is a song by US rappers „Gunna & Future feat. Young Thug.“ It was released on January 12, 2022. The song went viral and became very popular on TikTok.

Originally, the expression „Pushing P“ comes from the southern states of the USA.

Example sentence: „He is pushing P.“

Rapper Gunna explained in an interview with „The Breakfast Club“ that the P stands for „player“. A player is someone who is very successful with the opposite sex. But a player is also someone who gets what they want and is very successful. (Thus, „pushing P“ means something like „keeping it player.“)

He commented that the exact meaning of „P“ can only be outlined. However, it is to be understood in a thoroughly positive way. „P“ stands for „being real.“ It is for a certain quality of life. It stands for values like loyalty, helping others, and being real. „Pushing P“ stands for honor and honorable behavior.

Those who truly live „Pushing P“ do not just represent something, but show how they really are. This includes only spending money that you have. (That is, one’s own.) Those who spend other people’s money just to show off are not „P“. Who wants to represent something, is also not P.

More meaning: P emoji 🅿️:

The P emoji 🅿️ actually means „capital letter P in blue square“. Depending on the browser, the sign has a slightly different blue color. Since 2009, the emoji has been part of Unicode 5.2. and since 2015, it has been part of Emoji 1.0. It was released at that time under the name „Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter P“.

However, the P emoji 🅿️ can also represent a parking sign.

Spread from the emoji : On Google Trends, it clearly shows that from mid-January 2022, searches for the emoji increased very sharply.

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