Ramadan dictionary – meaning of the fasting month

Ramadan is the month of fasting for Muslims. It is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. In this month the Koran was sent down to the Muslims.

Between sunrise and sunset, Muslims abstain from eating and drinking (water). They also abstain from other activities: Alcohol, smoking, sweets and sexual intercourse. According to the Koran, every Muslim who is in full possession of his mental faculties, of full age and physically able to do so, is obliged to observe Ramadan. Those who cannot fast due to illness or old age are supposed to bring a fasting substitute – called Fidya(h).

Was does the word „Ramadan“ mean in english? explanation

Ramadan means in English: „hot month“. (Arabic: رمضان) The word Ramadan derives from the verb „ramida“ (Arabic: رَمِضَ ). Ramida means „to be very hot.“ Ramadan can thus mean „fasting“ or „burning.“ This alludes to the fact that fasting burns sins.

Ramadan ends with the „Feast of Breaking the Fast“ immediately after the end of the fasting month. The „Feast of Breaking the Fast“ is called „Eid al-fitr“ in Arabic or „Ramazan bayramı“ in Turkish. („bayramı“ in English means: holiday, feast day or holiday.)

Ramadan has the following synonyms: Ramazan, Ramzan, Ramadhan, Ramathan.

Greeting for Ramadan: Ramadan Kareem/Karim

Locals fasting for Ramadan can be greeted with the following greetings:

„Eid Mubarak“ means in English: „Happy Celebration“ or „Good Holidays“ – Learn more about „Eid Mubarak“ here.

When Ramadan is over, it is usually said, „Happy Bayram!“

Eating and fasting

The meal while the sun is dawning is called: Sahur. (Synonyms: Sahūr, Suhūr, Suhoor).

The first meal after sunset is called: iftar. (The Arabic „ifṭār“ means in English: „Breaking the fast“).

Fasting in Arabic is called: saum/sawm.

Fasting as abstention is called in Arabic: imsak.

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General rules: Ramadan

Through Ramadan, Muslims hope to increase their faith and be rewarded with spirituality. This is also called „thawab“.

The night prayer is called: Tarawih (Arabic: تراويح).

During the time of Ramadan, Muslims are supposed to be charitable. For this, they know „Zakat“ – it refers to giving alms and is treated as a kind of duty or tax in Islam. They also know „Sadaqah“ – voluntary gifts or work for charity is called Sadaqah. Sadaqah as an act means: giving something selflessly without demanding anything back or expecting a reward.

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