What does a black heart emoji đŸ–€ mean? Meaning, explanation

Next to the red heart, the black heart is most often sent in text messages or used in social media. However, its meaning is multifaceted and can be easily misunderstood.

The meaning of the color black:

In our culture, black has always stood for mourning and death. In other cultures, however, black is considered a sign of love and life. Accordingly, in German-speaking countries, black is usually considered somber, but also elegant. Especially among younger generations, black is also considered an extremely popular and cool color. Occasionally, black is linked with strongly negative associations, but more often it stands as a neutral factor together with white opposite the other colors.

What does a black heart emoji đŸ–€ mean? Meaning, explanation

A black heart can have numerous meanings. Rarely, it is used as a replacement for the red heart and represents deep and honest love. In these cases, the / the writer always uses the black heart, because the color brings a personal meaning. It also often symbolizes an affiliation with a particular scene, such as the gothic or metal scene. In these scenes, a black heart can take on the meaning of all hearts with other colors and is used universally.

Occasionally, a black heart is also used to express a negative love. This can be both an unrequited love and a past love and heartbreak. In this context, anger and sorrow also play a major role. These two feelings can also be underlined alone without connection to love with a black heart as a negative representation and distortion of reality.

More often, however, the black heart is used as a sign of black humor. With it it is marked that a statement is not to be understood maliciously, but is meant funny. Such black heart markings can occur both before and after black humor parts.

To be strongly separated from this use of the black heart are manifestations of mourning after deaths. These, too, are often accompanied by a black heart. Black to symbolize mourning, the heart to show what significance the deceased had. However, even when comforting a loved one, the black heart can show that you are there for someone who has suffered a loss.

In some cases, the black heart is used solely for its elegance. In this case, a connection with somber poetry is usually expected. However, some people also try to appear as cool, emotionless and aloof as possible through black hearts. Almost never is the black heart used as a serious sign of demon worship or Satanism.

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