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„Shemomedjamo“ is a Georgian expression for someone who continues to eat even though he/she has already noticed a feeling of satiety and fullness.

„Shemomedjamo“ can be translated as „By mistake I ate everything“.

The Georgian word „Shemome“ before a verb implies that someone had a craving, a desire and little self-control -all at the same time. In English, the verb can be translated as meaning that someone gave in to their cravings and desires.

Examples: Shemomedjamo (meaning, explanation).

„Shemomechama“ (შემომეჭამა) describes that someone ate everything even though he/she was not very hungry at the beginning. Then, after the first few bites, that person was overcome with hunger. (This kind of thing happens more often with a bag of chips or cookies 😉.

„Shemomakvda“ (შემომაკვდა) can be translated as „I killed it unintentionally.“ The term means that someone was hunting and killed an animal without the intention of killing it.

„Shemometkva“ (შემომეტყვნა) means „I slept with him or her without intention.“ or „I had sex by accident.“ – The word describes the situation where two people are fooling around with each other and out of that fooling around have sex with each other – without prior intention.

„Shemomepost“(შემომეპოსტა) means „I unintentionally published a post or camear.“ – The term stands for a situation where someone sees a post on the Internet and he/she initially thinks of only a few words to comment. But after the first words written, more words follow and the mini comment grows into a large post. So the post was written unintentionally, without prior intention.

The word has been spreading in Germany since 2013. It is searched for irregularly on search engines. It has been spreading worldwide since November 2011.

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