What is „Hood Irony“? Memes, explanation, meaning, definition

„Hood Irony“ is a genre of ironic memes that evolved from parodying „gangsta“ imagery and jokes using slang and memes related to African American culture. „Hood Irony“ originated from online communities such as Black Twitter and Vine and later became more widespread on platforms such as Instagram, iFunny, Reddit, and TikTok. „Hood Irony“ encompasses several trends and subgenres such as „Greenscreen Silhouette Hood Irony“ and „Hood Lobotomy.“ „Hood Irony“ dramatizations use ironic visuals to mock video games, movies, television shows, and even countries and continents.

What is „Hood Irony?“ Memes, explanation, meaning, definition

„Hood Irony“ became popular in the late 2010s on Instagram, iFunny, and on Reddit with the subreddit /r/OkBuddyRetard, where it reached its peak so far in 2018 and 2019.

In 2022, content tagged as „Hood Irony“ also appeared on TikTok, where it further evolved into „Hood Lobotomy“ memes, the „green screen silhouettes,“ parodied YouTube subscribe button notifications, and other ironic and „moldy“ visuals. Many memes and microtrends of their own fall under the „Hood Irony“ umbrella, as do „When You Outside And You Smell That Zaza,“ „Ambatukam,“ and „Quandale Dingle.“

How did „Hood Irony“ evolve online?

„Hood Irony“ springs from the black humorous culture launched by online communities like Black Twitter and early Vine platforms. Black male Viners like King Bach, for example, were parodied by ironic meme trends like „Only a Spoonful,“ which became popular on Reddit, iFunny, and Instagram in the early 2020s.

On Vine, „hood irony“ began to manifest itself through certain prolific creators and creatresses such as Osama Bin Turnt (OBT), who is now known as Debo or @killmefam on Twitter. Beginning in June 2014, OBT released several vines that parodied the „hood comedy“ vines of black male creators. Other Viners in the same circle included Nick Colletti, Casey Frey, and Dan Curtin, but OBT’s Vines always leaned more toward „hood irony“ than others.

After the Vine platform was discontinued in late 2016, OBT and many other ironic Viners moved to Twitter, forming a core group of Twitter users like @killmefam, @mineifiwildout, @adda_boi and @BillRatchet, whose jokes and memes are heavily inspired by „Hood Irony.“

How did „Hood Irony“ evolve on Instagram?

Beginning in 2018, pages identifying themselves as „Hood Irony“ pages began popping up on Instagram, using usernames that included many of the same words, some of them swear words and other explicit terms related to sex and skin color. Many of the usernames also referenced MLG gaming montage parodies and meme trends of the time, such as Ugandan Knuckles.

Many of the original „Hood Irony“ Instagram pages from 2018 have since been blocked or deleted. Still, much of the content from those pages remains accessible today via reposts from still-active members.

Many of the aforementioned Instagram pages played on ironic memes created by Redditors in the /r/OkBuddyRetard subreddit in 2017 and 2018. Some users within the Instagram irony community credit @zztails with introducing the genre to the platform. Many of the Instagram „Hood Irony“ pages emerged to parody „hood comedy“ sites like Daquan and WorldStarHipHop.

The term „Hood Irony“ was first entered into Urban Dictionary by user chill.bruh.funny.hood.vines on February 21, 2019, and received over 120 likes in four years.

What is „greenscreen silhouette hood irony“?

„Greenscreen Silhouette Hood Irony,“ also known as „Silhouette Walking Hood Irony“ or „Silhouette Irony,“ refers to a trend in which video artists and videographers insert free downloadable greenscreen silhouette animations of people walking, running, and jogging into their shitpost meme compilations, similar to „Hood Irony.“ The trend began on Instagram in 2020, largely due to the Instagram page @chxallah. In 2022, the trend experienced a surge in popularity on Instagram and spread to TikTok in early 2023. The silhouette green screen videos are mainly from YouTuber Savvas Karampalasis and stock image website Shutterstock.

What is „Hood Lobotomy?“

„Hood Lobotomy“ refers to a subset of „Hood Irony“ memes prevalent on TikTok that combine „green screen silhouettes“ and the „Me Everytime After The Lobotomy“ video concept in a video genre that seems like non-coherent and avant-garde schizoposting. Although the „Hood Lobotomy“ aesthetic emerged on Instagram starting in 2020, the term „Hood Lobotomy“ was not coined until early 2023 on TikTok in the comments columns on „Hood Irony,“ which later inspired the hashtag #hoodlobotomy.

What are „Hood Irony“ dramatizations / „You Should X“?

„You Should X,“ also known as „X Is So Good,“ „You Gotta X,““You Should Play X It’s So Good / The Gameplay:2 or „You Should Watch X It’s So Good,“ refers to a sentence template that parodies video games, movies and television shows using „Hood Irony“ visuals to show an ironically low-grade „Hood Irony“ dramatization of the show’s gameplay or plot. The trend began with a meme about the anime One Piece, in which a „Pirate Irony“ video was referred to as Episode 30 of One Piece. The trend spread to TikTok in early 2023 and later to other platforms. Eventually, continents and countries were also mocked, leading to so-called „Continent Irony“.

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