What does Daesang mean? Translation, meaning, definition, explanation

„Daesang“ is a now established term in the South Korean music industry. This refers to the highest award to be given (the so-called Grand Prize) at the infamous award shows.

What does „Daesang“ mean? Translation, meaning, definition, explanation

„Daesang“ is a compound term. Namely, this term can be divided into 2 separate words (Dae and Sang). Dae here means something like great or even grand. The word Sang, on the other hand, refers to the prize. Thus, one could speak of a great prize that is awarded to a successful musician in a specific case. Almost every award show in South Korea gives such a big prize to the winners.

Who gets such a „Daesang“ is not decided simply arbitrarily or even at the whim of the jury, but much more according to strict criteria.

Jury votes and sales

Here, each member of a previously determined jury has the right to vote. In this case, of course, subjective aspects can also play a role, since each member of the jury is completely free in his decision and does not have to justify himself.

The number of recordings sold is also taken into account in the evaluation. However, this point is becoming increasingly less important, as music is now also consumed digitally above all.

Much more important in the age of digitalization and ever-advancing technology are, of course, the digital purchases made in relation to an artist’s music. These purchases are therefore another very important decision criterion in relation to the award.

Votes and clicks

During the shows there is very often also the possibility to vote by telephone or PC about a certain talent. The scores achieved there then also have a major influence on the final result to be achieved.

In a digital world, the number of clicks and existing followers also have a very high relevance, as this allows a certain reach to be built up. This aspect is therefore additionally taken into account in many shows when evaluating a star.

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Daesang: Various awards possible

Different prizes can be awarded at the many colorful award shows in South Korea. Among the most common awards are: Album of the Year, Artist of the Year and especially Song of the Year.

The so-called „Daesang“, which is awarded at the award shows, is closely related to the South Korean pop scene. This is growing more and more and is becoming increasingly popular, especially among the country’s younger generation.

Many young people try to escape the sometimes very strictly regulated everyday life of this country through pop music. Groups of young people who want to make music together are often formed here. Some of these bands then make it to the top through the award shows available for this purpose.

In addition to the numerous bands, however, more and more individual talents are making a name for themselves. For a real breakthrough it needs an appropriate range. The necessary reach is achieved primarily through the use of social networks. Constant selfies play a particularly prominent role here.

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