What does „Bussin“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

„Bussin“ has the following meanings:

  • something is delicious
  • something or someone looks or is very good

What does „bussin“ mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

„Bussin“ is a US slang word.

It is mostly used in connection with delicious food. That is, food that is so good that you want to sit in it. „Bussin“ is virtually the intensification of „delicious“.


  • „This food is bussin.“ (translated: „This food is delicious.“)
  • „Everything I make is bussin!“ (in English: „Everything I make is delicious.“)

On TikTok, the hashtag #Bussin was used over 6.9 billion times.

On TikTok, the term „Bussin“ spread in the early 2020s. On Google Trends, it can be seen that „Bussin“ became more popular March 2021. The song „Bussin“ by Tay Money, released in 2019, went viral on TikTok starting in March 2021. To the song, the „Bussin Challenge“ or the „Bussin (Tay Money) Challenge“ went viral.

„Bussin“ is a song by Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby. The song was released on February 11, 2022. In the song, Nicki Minaj sings „VVS’s bu-bu-bussin'“ and „I’m bussin'“ among other things. With this, she just wants to say that things are going well for her.

Possible origin of „Bussin“

„Bussin“ could be a shortening of the English word „bursting“. „To burst“ means like „something is full to bursting“.

But „Bussin“ could also come from the English „busting“. Because „busting“ is already used in the sense of „very good“ or „very tasty“. In Slang „busting“ refers to the climax during sexual intercourse.

In US English, for example, the following is said about well-seasoned and delicious food: „It is bursting with flavor.“ Meaning: „It is bursting with flavor.“ What is meant by this is that something is really well seasoned and spiced.

It could have happened that „bursting“ or „busting“ was shortened to „bussin“.

Other meanings of bussin

„Bussin“ is a song by Devin Morrison. Yung Gravy has also released a song called „Bussin“. „Bussin“ is a song by Tay Money. „Bussin“ is also a song by SHoreline Mafia. „Bussin Juugs“ is a song by Gucci Mane.

„Bussin Snacks“ is an online candy mail order company.

„Bussin‘ With The Boys“ is a podcast.

„Bussin“ is a district of Velgast, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

„Bussin“ is the former German name of a Polish village, now called „Buszyno“.

„Bussin“ is also a surname.

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