What does a green heart emoji 💚 mean? Meaning, explanation

While a red heart usually has a very clear meaning in social media and text messages, a green heart much more often raises the question of its meaning. It should be taken into account that green has always been considered the color of hope. Therefore, green hearts always express the hopeful future prospects of the writer.

The meaning of the color green:

Green is not only considered the color of hope, but also represents nature and elements close to nature. Green has a very strong calming effect and is therefore also considered the color of peace, contentment and confidence. Happiness is also strongly associated with green. In a negative context, green stands for poison, envy and jealousy. Immaturity is also often associated with green.

What does a green heart emoji 💚 mean? Meaning, explanation

When the symbol of love is combined with the color green, its meaning is also transformed. The heart now no longer stands for love, but reflects hope. In most cases, green hearts are used to show that after a period of desolation, new hope has been created and you are now full of confidence in the future. This clearly symbolizes that the writer is clearly better again and that one no longer has to worry.

However, if the green heart is used in connection with people, this usually indicates a fairly neutral, yet friendly relationship. The green heart is used in those situations where no love and passion would justify a red heart, the friendship is also not yet solid enough to use a blue heart. In rare cases, green hearts are also exchanged as peace offerings after disputes. Here it is to be expected that after the initial settlement of the dispute, numerous red hearts will also follow shortly.

Other meanings and uses of green heart (emoji) 💚:

Rarely, a green heart is used as a sign of love for nature. In such cases, it is meant to symbolize the longing for vacations and spending time outdoors. Usually, this is combined with other emojis, for example, trees as a sign of love for forests or cute animals as a sign of love for nature in general.

Another type of love for nature is shown when the green heart is representative of marijuana. However, this is usually seen from the context of the message and will probably never be misunderstood for other meanings.

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