What are Tocktails? Explanation, meaning, definition

A Tocktail is a cocktail that has its basis on tea creations. Here, the drink is filled with tea either instead of or in addition to mineral water or sodas.

At first glance, this idea may seem a bit strange, but the trend is already on everyone’s lips. On TikTok, the Tocktail trend has been established for a long time and is becoming increasingly popular. The clear advantage of a Tocktail is, of course, its versatility. Countless types of tea can serve as a base; be it fruity types like lemon or berry tea or spicy varieties like Earl Grey or Chai. With a cocktail, creativity can be given free rein. In this way, you can create a cocktail to suit your own taste.

Cocktail with the main ingredient tea: ready is the Tocktail

To make a Tocktail, only tea, water and other desired ingredients are needed. The tea is brewed as usual and finally cooled. Once the tea has cooled, all the other ingredients are mixed together. For example, mint or slices of cucumber can be used to make a refreshing cocktail. If you prefer a more exotic touch, you can spice up your cocktail with coconut and pineapple. An additional shot of syrup or gin adds further flavor finesse.

The possibilities for preparing a Tocktail are almost limitless. Tocktails are particularly suitable for summer evenings in a sociable round in the garden. On an autumn evening, on the other hand, a warming Tocktail with notes of cloves and cinnamon can provide the perfect coziness. Not only are Tocktails a great alternative to classic cocktails; in particular, they also bring with them the health benefits of tea. Indeed, tea is particularly known for its positive effects on health and antioxidant properties. So, on the one hand, you can benefit from the health-promoting effect and, on the other hand, at the same time pamper your taste buds.

What is behind the tea-based cocktail?

The time of cocktails is over, today people drink tocktails. Especially those people who like to cool down with an iced tea in summer, the Tocktail is the perfect (anti)alcoholic drink. Unlike cocktail classics such as Pina Colada, Sex on the Beach or a Cosmopolitan, the Tocktail is much lower in calories and does not contain as much sugar.

To prepare the perfect Tocktail, you first need a tea of your choice. Feel free to experiment here to find the variety you like best. The tea is poured with about 150 ml of hot water, then let it steep and then cool down again. With a few ice cubes in the glass, you can now turn to shaking the various ingredients. All ingredients are shaken well in the cocktail shaker (alternatively, the ingredients can simply be mixed already in the glass). Then the Tocktail is added to the ice cubes in the glass. The finished Tocktail can then be garnished with either lavender, lemon peel or thyme stalks.

The special thing about a Tocktail is that it leaves a lot of room for experimentation and creativity. A wide variety of additives such as fruit purees, syrups or even juices can be combined in a Tocktail – according to your own taste. The basis of a Tocktail always remains the same: lots of tea. Peppermint, fruit or Earl Grey tea can be used.

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