Who is Uyen Ninh? Life, profile, biography, TikTok

Uyen Ninh is a Vietnamese content creator who studied in Germany, where she became known for videos about German cultural idiosyncrasies.

Uyen Ninh: Life, biography, profile, TikTok

Born in Vietnam, Uyen Ninh is 27 years old, and in 2016 she met and fell in love with a German backpacker in her home country. The two had a long-distance relationship between Vietnam and Germany for three years. In 2019, Uyen Ninh moved to Mannheim to join her boyfriend and began studying economics at a Mannheim university.

Uyen Ninh: Sudden social media fame

Out of boredom, Uyen Ninh began posting short videos in 2020 in which she draws attention to German cultural idiosyncrasies. Videos in which she marvels at the fact that in Germany many people pack their groceries according to weight, want to sit in their reserved seats even on empty trains, and tilt-up windows scare her are inspiring an audience of millions as of October 2023. Uyen’s YouTube channel has 1.37 million subscribers and on Instagram, 1.5 million users follow her. Her TikTok account has another 1.1 million followers.

One reason for Uyen’s popularity is that her videos are characterized by humor and a basic understanding of cultural differences. In this way, she appeals to both foreigners living in Germany and Germans who can smile about their own idiosyncrasies.

Due to the large audience and because she uploads several videos a day, companies became aware of the 27-year-old Vietnamese, so that today she can also earn money with her social media status. Among other things, she uses her videos to promote a language learning app and the products of a rice cooker manufacturer.

Uyen Ninh: „German Boyfriend“

Uyen Ninh’s boyfriend appears in many of her videos, though his face is never seen. Uyen also never mentions his name, referring to him only as her „German Boyfriend.“ At the end of 2022, Uyen Ninh announced on TikTok that she and her „German Boyfriend“ are now engaged. Since then, she has been calling him her „German Fiancé.“

Uyen Ninh: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok

Instagram: uyenninh

YouTube: @uyenninh

TikTok: @uyenthininh

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