What is „Cheese Tax“? TikTok, explanation, meaning, definition

„Cheese Tax“ is a song by Matt Hoobs (Puppy Songs).

What is „Cheese Tax“? TikTok, explanation, meaning, definition.

On February 28, 2023, Matt Hoobs posted the song „Cheese Tax“ on his TikTok channel „Puppy Songs“ (@puppysongs). In it, he sings about how every time he takes cheese out of the fridge, he gives or has to give some to his dogs.

The song went viral in early/mid March 2023 and has received over 11 million views on TikTok as of March 10, 2023.

There are over 13,000 video responses to / with the song on TikTok so far. (As of March 10, 2023) In it, many people show how they feed cheese to their begging dogs and the dogs are happy. Some people also just dance to the song.

The song „Cheese Tax“ is on TikTok, YouTube and meanwhile also on Spotify.

The song „Cheese Tax“ is strongly reminiscent of a theater song and is perfect as an anthem. As Matt Hoobs revealed, the song is inspired by „Master of the House“ from „Les Miserable.“ (The author has the following image in mind for the song: the song is sung while doing hard but monotonous work like rowing a galley).

Cheese Tax: Who are the dogs?

Matt Hoob’s dogs are 13 years old. Their names are Marley (aka Mar Pup) and Leni. They are a Chihuahua-dwarf Spitz mix.

Cheese Tax: Content

Matt Hoobs sings about having to pay the cheese tax every time he cooks. Because, when he takes the cheese out of the fridge, his dogs come and want some.

He sings, among other things, „When the cheese drawer opens, you gotta pay the tax.“.

Matt Hoobs sings about how his dogs aren’t picky. They get excited about cheddar, parmesan and about gouda. But Matt Hoobs also sings about how his dogs are impatient and he wants to hurry up paying the cheese tax so they don’t bark.

Who is Matt Hoobs (Puppy Songs)? TikTok

Matt Hoobs is an American musician and music producer. He is from New Orleans, Louisiana.

He has now written over 150 dog songs. (29 are on Spotify. As of March 10, 2023) He has been running the „Puppy Songs“ project since March 2020.

In his songs Matt Hoobs sings about life with dogs. He sings about what it’s like to come home and be expected by your dogs. He sings about how they react to the mailman and what it’s like to walk them. He sings about being woken up by them in the morning, how they bark and how sometimes mishaps happen to them. Matt Hoobs sings about life with dogs – as all dog owners know it.

Other songs by Matt Hoobs (Puppy Songs) include:

  • Blep
  • When Mom Comes Home
  • Stuck on My Teefs
  • Waiting for Mom to Come Home
  • What If it was for Puppies?
  • Snooze Next to you
  • Puppy Walk
  • Amazon Man
  • Never Gonna poop on the Floor
  • Barky

(The list is not complete. Matt Hoobs has released many more songs).

Cheese Tax on Spotify and TikTok

TikTok: @puppysongs

Spotify: This is Puppy Songs

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