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„Coems“ is an in-game slang and TikTok expression that has gone viral in recent months. Roughly explained, „coems“ is an expression of astonishment or extreme joy about an unexpected event. It is derived from the words „to come“ or „I’m cuming“ and has many different meanings.

On TikTok, as well as in the online game called „Roblox“, „coems“ continues to cause confusion even among die-hard social media enthusiasts as well as gamers. Basically, it is a trend that emerged from certain actions in the game „Roblox“. A rather atypical behaviour of one player was followed by another strange reaction from the other player – in the form of a chat reaction with the expression „Coems“. This was meant to express the great joy about the unexpectedly good situation that the player in question had just experienced. Soon, however, „Coems“ also became increasingly popular outside of „Roblox“ – for example on TikTok. Here, „Coems“ quickly became a scene expression, or hashtag, and has since gone viral on social media.

However, since there is still a lack of knowledge about the meaning of „coems“ in many places, the following article is intended to provide a comprehensive definition and interpretation of the term. The origin, use and social classification of the term will also be mentioned.

Definition of „Coems“ 🤑

„Coems“ (or actually „coems 🤑“) is a slang term used in the gaming scene, which is derived from the English verb „to come“ or „to cum“. The emoji listed after the word „coems“ has a dollar bill in the shape of a tongue and dollar signs in the shape of eyes. This refers to the great joy about an unexpected receipt of money, which „coems 🤑“ wants to express in the form of a chat.

In this particular case, it was a chat reply from a Roblox gamer who had been showered with money by a competing player and who, instead of typing „I’m cuming“ (or „cums“ as a short form of „he cums“), accidentally typed „coems“. The spelling mistake quickly became a viral trend and soon conquered social media platforms such as TikTok.

Interpretation of „Coems“ 🤑

Although the term „coems“ does not initially suggest it, there is a rather dirty meaning behind it. Namely, the emotion of joy (over an unexpected receipt of money) is compared here to an orgasm. The person who is given money in the game by being shot at with banknotes (instead of weapons) by his opponent experiences a symbolic orgasm.

„Coems“ is thus a typical scene expression that is often used in combination with unexpectedly good situations. It does not matter whether it is an unexpected influx of money or not. Since the grammatically correct term „he cums“ or „cums“ for short would have been censored immediately by the game, the player in question probably used a so-called „algospeak“ here and deliberately built in a spelling mistake so that the censorship algorithm would not recognise it as an adult term.

Origin and origin of „Coems“ 🤑

The term „Coems“ first came into existence in December 2022, when it was invented by the popular TikToker and Roblox player named „@coolnoob101“. Said TikToker has always been known for its entertaining Roblox game videos. In these, absurd and unexpected things often happen. Among other things, the term „coems“ was mentioned for the first time in one sequence. Since it was a live game, countless viewers were watching and adopted the term directly into their own repertoire.

„Coems“ therefore originally served as a funny term and the content of a comedic scene in the online game „Roblox“, in which players have to fight each other in various ways with self-made weapons created from blocks. Instead of fighting his opponent, however, he first decided to shower him with money (before finally killing him).

Use of „Coems“ 🤑

Originally only used in the online game „Roblox“, „Coems“ is now used on a wide variety of social media channels such as TikTok or Instagram. Here, the term serves as a popular hashtag. In the gaming scene, „Coems“ continues to be used as a chat expression. In addition, „coems“ is becoming more and more popular as a scene expression in spoken everyday language. Here, „coems“ serves as a funny comment and expression of joy about an unexpected event. As a rule, however, the users are members of the gaming scene who actually know the definition of the term behind it.

Social classification of „Coems“

Since „coems“ is a comparatively young term, the main group of users of it is still relatively young. The main target group of „coems“ is therefore between 15 and 25 years old. This means that it can only be assigned to Generation Z, which is also the main target group of TikTok and the online game „Roblox“. „Coems“ is little or not at all understood outside of this target group and is therefore an absolute scene term. Even the virality of the term could not change this.

Criticisms of „Coems“ and the concept behind it

Among critics, „coems“ is perceived as just another meaningless term of youth subcultures that has a certain obscenity. Many also see „Coems“ as a downgrading of speech quality and a glorification of spelling mistakes (which are generally based on Algospeak). Moreover, for many people „Coems“ seems incomprehensible and not comprehensible, since the gaming background is not given for them. For them, „Coems“ thus appears to be another, rather specific term of the gaming scene that is only understood by a very small circle at all.

Conclusion on the topic of „coems“ 🤑

So, to sum up, „coems“ is a gaming scene term that was first used by TikToker „@coolnoob101“ in the online game „Roblox“ at the end of 2022. It describes an expression of astonishment and joy at an unexpected event (in this specific case, a windfall instead of an execution). „Coems“ has been conquering the social media platform TikTok since early 2023 and can be described as a viral youth word. Outside of gaming and youth scenes, however, the term is hardly understood, if at all.

The gaming terms „GG“, „Noob“ or „Pwned“, for example, are related to the term „Coems“. While „GG“ means a „good game“, „Noob“ refers to a „newbie“. The term „Pwned“, on the other hand, is used as an expression for victory over another player.

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