„Attenzione Pickpocket. Attenzione Borseggiatrici!“ – TikTok, sound, explanation, info

„Attenzione Pickpocket. Attenzione Borseggiatrici!“ is the public warning cry of an Italian woman who wanted and wants to warn tourists and visitors to Italian cities (and Internet users, especially on TikTok) about pickpockets.

„Attenzione Pickpocket. Attenzione Borseggiatrici!“ became popular as a sound on TikTok in June and July 2023.

„Attenzione Pickpocket. Attenzione Borseggiatrici!“ – TikTok, sound, explanation, info.

The Italian posted videos on TikTok in which she showed (alleged) pickpockets. The supposed pickpockets responded to her shouts by running away, reinforcing the impression that they were real pickpockets. The young women also reacted by putting on a headscarf (so that you can’t see their faces), they got physical (and wanted to knock the camera away, among other things), and they reacted in part by showing their bare bottoms.

What does „borseggiatrici“ mean? „Borseggiatrici“ is the Italian word for pickpocketing. „Attenzione“ means „attention“ (in the sense of alarm).

The Italian woman repeatedly showed four girls. But she also showed two men already.

The Italian woman published videos from Venice and Rome, among other places.

In connection with the videos, the following hashtags were used: #attenzionepickpocket, #attenzioneborseggiatrici, #attenzione, #borseggiatrici and #pickpocket.

Who is the woman of „Attenzione Pickpocket. Attenzione Borseggiatrici?“

The lady who in her videos „Attenzione Pickpocket. Attenzione Borseggiatrici!“ shouts her name is Monica. She is 57 years old and lives in Venice.

Why does she do it? Monica has been a member of the citizens‘ initiative „Cittadini Non Distratti“ for about 30 years. („Cittadini Non Distratti“ means „Citizens Without Distractions“ in German).

The goal of the citizens‘ initiative is for Italians to warn tourists and visitors about pickpockets. Ideally, they ensure that pickpocketing does not take place.

There are about 40 people in the citizens‘ initiative who actively warn against pickpockets.

How does the Italian woman know that the girls are pickpockets?

The editors suspect that the young women have repeatedly attracted attention and always act in the same way. So you remember the faces when it happens again and again.

The procedure of the young women seems to be the following: At least two women are involved in the pickpocketing. One stands in front of the victim and the other behind. The young woman in front of the victim slows down and slows the victim down. The other young woman behind the victim starts pushing. Here while tailgating she then robs the victim.

Effect of the videos

The videos are intended to create awareness of the problem with pickpockets. They should create awareness and make people take better care of their bags, backpacks, pouches and jackets.

Especially in dense crowds, pickpockets have an easy time. Victims hardly notice that their pockets have been picked. Because there is pushing and shoving. People push and shove themselves and others forward through the crowd. Here you have to watch your stuff very carefully.

Another effect of the videos is that countless TikTok users now know two words of Italian: Attenzione Borseggiatrici!

Problem with the videos

The presumption of innocence applies. That means the young ladies are innocent as long as they have not been caught pickpocketing. So there can be a prejudgement by the videos.

Furthermore, data protection laws and personal rights apply: If the young ladies are under 18 years of age, video recordings of them may not simply be published.

This legal circumstance ensures that the videos seem like vigilante justice and pre-judgement. (This may also be one of the reasons, among others, why the TikTok account has been repeatedly suspended).

Response to TikTok: Attenzione Pickpocket. Attenzione Borseggiatrici!

TikTokers imitated scenes of pickpocketing. They recreated them to make the sound „Attenzione Pickpocket. Attenzione Borseggiatrici!“.

In a video, the Italian woman spoke out against it. Also spoke out against her videos and audio being used for political messages.

„Attenzione Pickpocket. Attenzione Borseggiatrici.“: TikTok, Facebook

TikTok: cittadininondistratti2

Facebook: Cittadini Non Distratti Onlus. Stop Borseggi a Venezia

Their TikTok account has over 310,000 followers. (as of July 2023)

The TikTok account has been repeatedly blocked. In response to the repeated blocking and unblocking, the Italian temporarily renamed her channel „We are back.“

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