Who is Eva Elfie? Life, profile, biography

Eva Elfie is a Russian adult film actress, erotic model and YouTuber.

Eva Elfie: life, biography, profile

Eva Elfie’s real name is Yulia Romanova and she was born on May 27, 2000 in Omsk, Russia. Eva Elfie is 23 years old and her star sign is Gemini. Before her career as an erotic film actress Eva Elfie worked as a manager, waitress and a budding journalist. It was through the latter engagement that she met her current husband and future filming partner Artem aka Adam Ocelot. The couple married in December 2019, and until 2022 they lived in Russia, in March 2022 Eva and Artem moved to California.

Eva Elfie: career as an adult film actress

In 2019, Eva Elfie entered the adult film business. She first published private adult videos with her husband on the internet platform Pornhub. After a short time, the international adult film industry took notice of her. She went on to shoot for well-known studios such as Brazzers, MetArt, Nubiles and Reality Kings, among others. Eva Elfie shoots erotic scenes exclusively alone or with her husband.

Eva Elfie: Awards

In 2020, Eva Elfie received the Female Clip Artist of the Year award for her work at the XBIZ Europa Awards, a film awards event for the European erotic industry. In 2021, Eva Elfie received the „Best New Foreign Starlet“ award at the AVN Awards, the most important film award in the American adult industry. In 2022, Eva won the fan award „Most Popular Female Performer“ on Pornhub.

Eva Elfie: YouTuber, Social Media Star

Through her YouTube channel, Eva Elfie became known to a larger audience outside the adult industry. Since the beginning of 2020, she has been posting videos there in which she talks about her work, interviews other adult film performers or shows her everyday life. Elfie’s YouTube channel has 821,000 subscribers.

Meanwhile, Eva Elfie is also present on TikTok, where she attracts attention with humorous short videos that reach an audience of millions. Eva’s TikTok channel has 6.6 million followers. Eva Elfie’s Instagram channel is followed by more than 4 million users.

Eva Elfie: documentary film

In mid-2023, a Russian documentary about the life of Eva Elfie and Adam Ocelot entitled „Artem & Eva“ was released, premiering in Paris, and she posted a video on her YouTube channel. The film highlights Artem and Eva’s personal lives, their love affair away from their adult film careers, and the public’s perception of adult film actors.

In an April 2023 interview with XBIZ’s web magazine, Eva Elfie said of the film that it had touched her emotionally and that she thought it was good to show that adult film actors are „normal people.“

Eva Elfie: YouTube, TikTok, Instagram

Instagram: theevaelfie

TikTok: @theevaelfie

YouTube: @EvaElfieYT

X (Twitter): evaelfie

On Instagram, Eva Elfie has over 4.2 million followers. On TikTok, she has over 6.6 million followers. Her YouTube channel has over 820,000 people subscribed. On X (Twitter), she has over 1.1 million followers. (All as of October 2023)2023)

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