What does Ulzzang mean? Translation, meaning, definition, explanation

„Ulzzang“ is a term which originates from South Korea. Literally translated, it means something like „best face“ or „handsome“. The term thus describes the appearance of a person, which is considered desirable.
Other spellings are: „eoljjang, uljjang, uhljjang.“ The original spelling 얼짱 is translated as „eoljjang“ and „best face“ according to Google translator.

What does „uhljjang“ mean? Translation, meaning, definition, explanation

Under growing popularity of K-pop, this term has become established not only in the Asian region, but all over the world. It is used to describe people. If someone has reached the status of „Ulzzang“, he is considered to be especially beautiful. As the literal translation describes, it is mainly about the face of the person. Characteristics for this are the typical round and large eyes, a pointed nose, small mouth as well as a small, round, childlike face with a V-line. In addition, other beauty features such as straight, white teeth, even skin, etc..

The term is used unisex. This means that both men and women can be described in this way. Ulzzang has become a trend in countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. As a trend, it has generally spread in the K-pop scene and is used there – for example, as a hashtag – to find people with this look in particular. Since this is a Korean term, only people with the typical Korean and perfect face apply to it. The Asian look is a component of the criteria.

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Contests for Ulzzang

On social media, there are always competitions that award the title „Ulzzang“. For this purpose, pictures are sent to the organizers showing the face, figure and clothing style. These three categories are evaluated by the jury and in the end a winner is chosen.

Whoever is awarded the title by winning can expect an increase in fans as an influencer or model. Thus, winning such a contest brings followers and the winner or the winner becomes better known.

„Ulzzang“ Idols

Mina from AOA has become famous as a K-pop idol. Her innocent face, as well as her big eyes, gave her the title of an Ulzzang even before she became famous.

As a unisex usable term, a male singer has also won the title. Jaehyo of Block B was a popular Ulzzang before his career as a musician. He won his title by placing first on Mnet Pretty Boys.

The term is desirable as a title worldwide because some celebrities were able to win it before their careers. Thus, those who have it can not only be sure of their beauty, but also reach the top more easily.

Other celebrities who have this title include Yoon Ara, Kim Shin Yeong, Park Hwan Hui, Song Ah Ri, Kim Seuk Hye, Ban Nam Gyu, etc.

Becoming Ulzzang

If a person has the right condition by nature, he can do a few things to perfect his appearance. This is not about the increasing cosmetic surgeries in South Korea. There are certain diets that can be used in combination with a workout to achieve the „Ulzzang figure“. This involves, for example, drinking a lot and eating healthy. In order to become Ulzzang, make-up is also used. Eyes emphasized by eyeliner look bigger, red lips more perfect and eye shadow gives the eyes more depth.

Conclusion: What does Ulzzang mean?

In the K-pop scene, „Ulzzang“ is now a widely used term. Often, „Ulzzang“ are more successful with their career because of their beauty, as it brings some advantages. Titled with the „best face“, Ulzzang are often models.

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