Who is Matty Healy? The 1975, life, profile, biography

Matty Healy is a British musician.

Matty Healy: The 1975, life, profile, biography

Matty Healy was born on April 8, 1989 in London and is the face of the band „The 1975“, which is classified in the direction of „indie pop“.

His parents are Tim Healy, a well-known British actor, and Denise Welch, also an actress, broadcaster and writer. Matty has a brother named Louis. He also followed in the footsteps of his parents and started an artistic career as an actor.

Matty Healy attended the „Northern School of Art“, a secondary art school in the northeast of England, and subsequently the „Cleveland College of Art and Design“. While still at school, he devoted himself to music, although he has many talents.

Matty Healy is considered an outstanding songwriter and deals with current issues of young people, preferably love, wokeness (being alert to injustice), cringe (embarrassment) and authenticity. Currently, „The 1975“ are one of the most successful British bands and have already stormed the charts with several songs. The latest album from 2022 is titled „Being Funny in a Foreign Language“, which translates as „being in a good mood even in a foreign language“.

Matty Healy: Controversy

As a musician, how far can you go to draw attention to yourself? Matty Healy, the frontman of the music group „The 1975,“ caused a stir during a performance in the spring of 2023 in Great Britain when he openly showed the Hitler salute on stage. Whether he was serious or ironic, it was not clear. His fans are very indignant and demand a statement.

Conflict between musician Matty Healy and his fans

Matty Healy and his band have often hit the headlines due to questionable gestures during live performances. With his latest controversial video, in which Matty Healy also shows the Hitler salute, the musician has crossed a red line for many of his fans. They are outraged and demand an explanation. He also unsettles them with it, because this behavior does not fit the band’s former clear positioning against racism, violence and sexism. This attitude is expressed particularly strongly in the songs „Loving Someone“ and „I like America and America likes me.“

The 2020 album „Notes On A Conditional Form“ also impresses with a strong intro, for which he chose a famous climate protection speech by Greta Thunberg. As a result, the musician’s political orientation has always been clear and unmistakable. All the more astonishing is the latest behavior, which, even if it was only meant to be a provocation, not only makes his fans uncomfortable.

Healy himself is considered a difficult artist personality and from time to time reaffirms his image as an „enfant terrible“. His songs often deal with explosive events such as the death of the American George Floyd or that of Alan Kurdi, a refugee who died at an early age. In terms of content, it repeatedly comes through that Healy has long since given up hope of recovery. Somewhat cloistered, he also denounces the conspiracy-theory thoughts of rapper Kanye West as well as questionable statements by former U.S. President Donald Trump.

The appearance with Hitler salute is in complete contrast to his otherwise tolerant attitude with a strong sense of justice. Although Healy has always balanced on the borderline between good taste and repulsive behavior in recent years, even his most loyal fans are now increasingly positioning themselves against him. Even if they don’t believe he actually thinks anti-Semitically, he is now clearly going too far for them. They are demanding a statement from the artist on social media.

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