What is „Buccal Fat Removal“? Explanation, Meaning, Definition

In a „buccal fat removal“ – medically called bichectomy – fat deposits between the outer and inner chewing muscles in the cheeks – the so-called „buccal fat pads“ – are suctioned or removed via tiny incisions inside the mouth.

Patients hope to achieve more defined facial features, more prominent cheekbones or a narrower face as a result of „Buccal Fat Removal“.

„Buccal Fat Removal“ is a minimally invasive procedure in cosmetic surgery, often referred to as cosmetic surgery.

Does „Buccal Fat Removal“ achieve a permanent result?

Yes, the result of a „Buccal Fat Removal“ is permanent. During a „Buccal Fat Removal“, fat cells or fatty tissue are removed from the face. Once fat tissue and fat cells are removed, they cannot grow back.

Is a „Buccal Fat Removal“ painful and will there be any scars left behind?

No and no. A „Buccal Fat Removal“ is performed under local anesthesia. An anesthetic is injected directly into the tissue that will be worked on later. This means that the nerves in the area can no longer transmit pain stimuli and the procedure is completely painless – apart from a small prick when the anesthetic is injected.

Also, there are no externally visible scars during a „Buccal Fat Removal“ because the tiny incisions used to remove the fatty tissue and fat cells are made inside the mouth, where they are not visible. They are closed again with self-dissolving sutures. In addition, because of the special nature of the oral mucosa, it almost always heals without scarring.

Buccal Fat Removal: How long does the procedure take and what does it cost? Duration, costs

A „Buccal Fat Removal“ is an outpatient procedure. This means that patients can go home immediately after the procedure. A „Buccal Fat Removal“ usually takes no longer than 30-60 minutes. Patients are immediately mobile again afterwards.

However, it is recommended to take it easy for a few days.
Depending on the treating practice and region and on the doctor, the costs incurred for a „Buccal Fat Removal“ can vary. In most cases, patients can expect costs ranging from €2000 to €4500.

For whom is a „Buccal Fat Removal“ suitable?

For people who already have naturally narrow facial features with prominent or defined cheekbones, the trend is rather unsuitable. The expected effect would tend to be so small in these individuals that it is not worth the risks of the procedure or the cost.

However, for individuals who are unhappy with the curves of their cheeks or are uncomfortable because they do not have highly visible cheekbones, „Buccal Fat Removal“ might be worth considering.
Alternatively, however, these people may consider whether they really want to undergo expensive surgery because of a trend on social media and a temporary ideal of beauty that may be just the opposite in 10 years.

Is a „Buccal Fat Removal“ dangerous?

A „Buccal Fat Removal“ is one of the less risky procedures in cosmetic surgery. Nevertheless, every operation carries risks such as infections or post-operative bleeding, which is why patients are informed and advised in detail by their doctor before the procedure.

Where does „Buccal Fat Removal“ come from? TikTok, Origin

„Buccal Fat Removal“ is a current trend that is all the rage right now on social media sites like TikTok and Instagram. Various super models have already undergone this procedure to get particularly striking and defined facial features.

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