What is a Crunchy Mom? Meaning, explanation, definition

The „Crunchy Mom“ is a mother who follows her natural instincts and is determined to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle. This lifestyle is designed to support both the planet for future generations and the health of her family. The most common characteristics of a „Crunchy Mom“ are natural childbirth, breastfeeding, preparing their own baby food, and using cloth diapers. Depending on parenting choices, a „Crunchy Mom“ can be more moderate or extreme. This means that some „Crunchy Moms“ are more excessive in this parenting style than others. It depends on what methods the mom uses. She alone decides what is right for her family.

Ultimately, this term „Crunchy Mom“ is a natural parenting method. This is in contrast to common practices such as disposable diapers or ready-prepared infant formula. While there is no founding process for the „Crunchy Moms“ community of interest, many parenting options prevail that are considered „natural“ and therefore receive the „Crunchy Mom“ seal.

How does a „Crunchy Mom“ develop?

A „crunchy mom“ is health, environmentally and socially conscious. Yet she cares so much about her family that she questions the current state of affairs. She knows that there are different approaches to individual problems and therefore rejects a single solution option. Rather, she wants to explore why some things happen. She then tries to get to the bottom of the problems she observes.

With this developed knowledge comes responsibility to other mothers, other families, and our communities. If the „Crunchy Mom“ knows better, she does better. Likewise, she is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to protecting someone or helping someone. She’s just a mom who, by living naturally, maintains a positive and strong bond with her children.

At best, a „Crunchy Mom“ sees herself as on some kind of journey, figuring out how best to care for her family while combining research and tradition. She gathers wisdom from all the women who have been successful in their fields. She also supports other „Crunchy Moms“ and reaches out to them to change their approach to life as well.

Jungle of parenting terms

The „Crunchy Mom“ makes the beginning in this jungle of terms. Even though in German the translation for this term is „crunchy mom,“ the term „hippie mom“ would probably be a better one. A „Crunchy Mom“ is against the mainstream. She avoids doing mainstream activities or consuming mainstream products. So you could say „Crunchy Moms“ bake their own bread at home, give birth at home, and are also against advanced technology. In most cases, they live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and source most of their food from their own garden. They also process most of their own food.

„Silky Mom“ vs. „Crunchy Mom“

The opposite of the „crunchy mom“ is the „silky mom.“ It refers to the modern mom. Translated into German, the term means „silky mom.“ She incorporates science and medicine as well as technology into her parenting. Consequently, the „Silky Mom“ gives birth in a hospital, diapers her baby with disposable diapers, and often bottle-feeds. Most often, working mothers are also among the „Silky Moms“ who rely on modern products.

Another term in the jungle is the „Scrunchy Mom.“ She combines both parenting styles. So you could say that the „Scrunchy Mom“ is the more realistic alternative to the previous two more extreme versions. So, on the one hand, she can give birth in the hospital and bottle-feed, but at the same time, she can also cook baby food herself and use cloth diapers.

Conclusion: what is a crunchy mom?

In the end, being a Crunchy Mom is all about being flexible. What parenting method is used in real life varies from family to family. There is no general answer to what constitutes a „Crunchy Mom“. In fact, this can be interpreted differently by each family. Modern parents have some choices to make. This starts with breastfeeding, moves on to babywearing, and even homeschooling.

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