What does Body Count / Bodycount mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

In the Internet and youth language, „body count“ refers to the number of sexual partners one has already had. The „body count“ indicates with „many people one has already done it“, not how often one has already done it.

Is the Body Count important?

The body count – in the sense of „number of sex partners“ – indicates how much experience you have already gained in bed. A low body count of 0 to 2, for example, stands for little experience, everything above that speaks for a little more experience. (Experience is good, because with it the person knows what he does in bed, what he likes and what not).

Criticism of the idea of bodycount: The bodycount is first of all a quantitative value. It says nothing about the quality. A more meaningful value is rather the length of the relationships. This shows who manages to cooperate and maintain a relationship in the long term.

In other words: Just because a body count is high, it does not indicate that someone is good in bed.

Bodycount: Can it be too high?

It is questionable whether a higher bodycount is good or bad, or whether a bodycount can be too high. Here it is possible that a person with a very high bodycount can compare a lot and therefore a current partner is always compared with previous ones.

Bodycount comparison:

If two persons who want to have sexual intercourse compare their bodycount, this can be positive and negative.

Positive in the sense that here two people can estimate to some extent on which level the other is. This can be used to lower or raise expectations. However, such a bodycount comparison can also have a negative outcome, because it can be that a bodycount becomes an exclusion criterion.

The body count can also be accompanied by feelings of inferiority. This happens, for example, when someone believes that his or her body count is too low.

Criticism of the word „body count“

Editor’s comment: The expression „body count“ was simply adopted into youth and Internet language without considering its original meaning. This is because the expression „body count“ comes from English military language. The „body count“ indicates how many people of the opposing side were killed. The „body count“ indicates the number of casualties.

If young people now talk about their „body count“ with an older US-American, this older gentleman will be clearly confused to frightened.

In US youth language, the expression „body count“ has already spread in its new meaning.

By the way, something similar happened with the expression „body bag“. While the expression may sound harmless, a „body bag“ is a bag for a dead body.

Additional meaning of Body Count:

„Body Count“ is a U.S. hip-hop and heavy metal band that was formed by Ice-T in 1990, lasted until 2006, and was resurrected in 2009.

„Body Count“ is a film released in 1995.

„Body Count – Escape to Miami“ is a movie released in 1998.

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