What does a blue heart emoji đź’™ mean? Meaning, explanation

Besides the classic red heart, other colored hearts are often used in text messages and on social media. Each color has a very special meaning. A blue heart here is supposed to stand for loyalty and friendship in particular. Therefore, the blue hearts are usually used in messages to particularly good friends. However, posts on social media that generally deal with the topic of friendship are also provided with blue heart emojis.

The meaning of the color blue:

The color blue usually represents the two elements of air and water. It is also associated with the expression of freedom, independence and longing. But also the representation of depth, loyalty and honesty is usually associated with shades of blue. However, blue is also associated with coldness, isolation and distance. In addition, calm and serenity, clarity, prudence and neutrality are also represented by the color blue.

What does a blue heart emoji đź’™ mean? Meaning, explanation

When the color blue is combined with a heart, which is the symbol of love, it results in several possible interpretations. On the one hand, a blue heart is associated with a cold, unrequited love. But such is rarely communicated on social media or in text messages. On the other hand, the second case occurs much more often. This is the kind of love that can only occur between extremely good friends. Platonic love. This is characterized by deep, honest affection on a spiritual level, but without physical attraction. Thus, blue hearts stand for honest friendships and absolute fidelity. At the same time, the difference to perfect love is also represented by prudence and distance.

So blue hearts emojis đź’™ are mostly used:

In most cases, one or more blue hearts are used to represent a good friendship. While women tend to send red hearts in these cases as well, men often resort to the more harmless variant of the blue heart. Rarely, several blue hearts are also meant to replace one red heart. This is the case when the user is not sure whether a red heart is positively perceived as a sign of love. Therefore, the more neutral blue heart is sent instead.

In some situations, however, blue hearts can stand for entirely different things. This is usually made clear by the context and / or the combination with other emojis.

The blue heart can stand as a sign for a fetish in the BDSM area. However, this will always be clear through the context.

Blue hearts in combination with water and beach emojis (water drops, beach, waves, sun, parasol) show the love for water, beach and water sports. It also often symbolizes the longing for a day at the beach.

If a blue heart is combined with a red heart, it is meant to represent the beginning transition of a friendship to love.

The combination of a blue heart with a sad or crying emoji is supposed to make the longing for a person clear. This can be either a friend or a loved one. The color blue stands for longing, but also for distance.

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