„Peaches“ by Bowser: Content, Song, Explanation, The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The song „Peaches“ from the film „The Super Mario Bros. Movie“ is a romantic love song for Princess Peach, in which the performer sings himself into a frenzy, creating a very emotional moment. „Peaches“ was released as an official music video on the YouTube platform in April 2023 and quickly achieved cult status.

„Peaches“ by Bowser: Content, song, explanation, The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Insiders consider this song one of the first Oscar contenders of the year. (No actual Oscar nomination is implied by this).

The video’s plot, greatly abbreviated: brothers Mario and Luigi are pulled through an eerie tube into the magical Kingdom of Mushrooms, where Princess Peach rules. King Bowser threatens Peach’s land with his Koopa army and wants to destroy it. The protagonists go through various adventures, and a complicated love triangle also develops between Bowser, Peach and Mario.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie by Nintendo and Illumination is now the highest-grossing video game adaptation in animated film history. At the same time, it is the most successful cinema release of the year. Within the first five days, it already grossed 377 million US dollars worldwide, and as of today (14 April 2023) it has grossed more than 509 million US dollars. These enormous sales are not least due to the Easter holidays, during which many families planned visits to the cinema. In second and third place are the video adaptations „Worcraft“ with 439 and „Detective Pikachu“ with 434 million US dollars earned. It is not unlikely that „The Super Mario Bros. Movie“ will „crack“ the one billion dollar hurdle at the end of the month.

Although connoisseurs of the industry see various flaws in „The Super Mario Bros. Movie“, there are nevertheless artistically outstanding moments that, in their opinion, would justify an Oscar nomination. Jack Black’s portrayal of the character Bowser is particularly noteworthy here.

Was is „Peaches“ by Bowser about? Song

Bowser (Jack Black) sings about his love for Peach, which overcomes all obstacles and will never end. In the process, he gets so carried away with his passion that at the end of the song he staggers and falls to the floor in the pink, harmoniously round room. At first, the audience believes that he is no longer alive. But after a few seconds of shock, Bowser gets up and leaves the room to applause. The style of the slightly overweight Jack Black is unmistakable, for in addition to an exaggeratedly shrill voice that alternates between different vocal colourings, he also displays a funny, very extroverted dance style. His bright green satin suit does the rest to make the audience laugh. In the original story of the video game, many episodes seem to be about Princess Peach being rescued by Super Mario. But a closer relationship also develops between Peach and Bowser. While in the game Peach eventually goes her own way, in the print version she and Bowser are unceremoniously married.

Before signing the contract, Jack Black asked that he be given at least three minutes to improvise in every film he’s in, so he can best showcase his funny voice. Improvisation is thus part of his contract and is particularly well done in this video.

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