Minecraft Mob Vote 2023: Crab, Armadillo, Penguin – info, explanation

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

In Minecraft Mob Wahl 2023, fans get to decide which new creature will be introduced into the game. There are three mobs to choose from and only one can win.

The choices are: Crab, Armadillo and Penguin.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023: Crab – info, explanation

The crab lives in mangrove swamps. It has two claws.

Crab can be fed with seaweed and bred.

If players capture a crab’s claw, they can use it to place blocks further away.

The Minecraft crab are probably modeled after the fiddler crabs.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023: Armadillo – info, explanation

The Armadillo lives in the savannah. It can curl up when it is scared.

The Armadillo drops scales. (It does not have to be killed for this.) With these scales an armor for the wolf or dog can be built. This armor is called wolf armor.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023: Penguin – info, explanation

Penguins live on rocky coasts or stony shores („stony shores biome“).

In the water, the penguin moves very fast. (They swim as fast as dolphins.) On land is rather slow.

Penguins travel in groups.

The penguin makes the boats go faster.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023: Conclusion

So you have a choice:

  • Better range / more comfortable to build
  • Armor for the dog
  • Faster boating

About the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

The Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 is organized by Mojang, the company behind Minecraft.

The election will take place between October 13, 1PM EDT and October 15, 1:15PM EDT.

Voting can be done here: Minecraft Server: Bedrock Edition (Event Server), Minecraft.net and via the Minecraft Launcher.

In 2022, Sniffer, Rascal and Tuff Golem were up for election. At that time, Sniffer took first place. He received 55.1 percent of all votes.

The first Mob Voting was held in 2017.

Criticism of the Minecraft Mob Vote

Fans criticize that only one mob can win. Why aren’t all three mobs simply introduced to the game in the next update? Therefore, this vote can be criticized. It „only“ serves to create attention and hype.

While crabs and penguins should be known to everyone, the armadillo is only found in North and South America.

In 2023, new mobs inspired by real animals are coming. In 2022, these were fantasy creatures.


The graphics in the cover image were taken from minecraft.net.

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