How, where, when and why did Stalin die? Explanation, history

The ruler Stalin officially died on March 05, 1953 in his dacha in Kuntsevo. His real name was Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvilli and he was born in the Georgian town of Gori on December 21, 1879. In the term of his life he became one of the most politically powerful persons in the whole world.

He was considered a „steel dictator“ and his rule consisted mainly of terror and violence. Until his last breath it remained very exciting around him. On 28.Feruar 1953 he suffered a stroke after a night drinking bout. Doctors were struggling for his life and at the same time the scramble for his succession was already breaking out among his courtiers.

Sometime between March 01 and 05, 1953, the Soviet dictator Stalin died after his stroke. For hours the members of the Politburo of the CP did nothing. But they had their reasons for that.

Background to Stalin’s death

It was not until March 4, 1953 that the government informed the world through the state news agency that the Kremlin leader had fallen ill. They spoke of a misfortune that had struck the party and the people. They mentioned a serious illness of Comrade Stalin. According to this statement, Stalin suffered a stroke in his apartment in the night from 01.03. to 02.03.1953. Furthermore, it is reported that he suffered from heart and respiratory disorders. At this statement both the time and the place were incorrect. Then it was said that only the best doctors were used to treat Stalin. This statement is also erroneous, because at that time the best doctors were already sitting in the torture chambers of the secret services. One day later, on March 05, 1953, Stalin was dead.

In reality, however, it happened as follows: in the night of 01 March 1953, after Stalin had suffered a stroke, there was no doctor in the immediate vicinity. The head of the secret service was informed only twelve hours after the stroke. The latter replies to the statement by saying that one should not panic. They could see that Stalin was asleep and they should not disturb him.

Only after another 24 hours a doctor is called, who then diagnoses his brain hemorrhage. However, since everyone was afraid of mistakes regarding the administration of medication, he was not treated with medication. Then, after Stalin’s condition rapidly deteriorated on 05.03.1953, he died at 21:50. Among Soviet citizens, the news of Stalin’s death caused horror and despair. An enormous number of people were present at the leader’s funeral. Due to the huge crowd, some people were trampled to death and crushed.

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