How to get a high score in Dorfromantik: Explanation and Tips for perfect placement

How to get a high score in Dorfromantik - Infographic, Tips, Explanation

If want to get a high score in Dorfromantik, there is only one rule you need to follow: 
Play as perfect as possible! 

This means: The edges of as many tiles as possible must fit perfect together.

 This is important becauce: 
If you receive a perfect rating, 
your reward is one extra tile!

You can find the german version of this article here.

How to get a high score in Dorfromantik: Explanation and Tips for perfect placement

There is a difference between a good and perfect alignment (placement).

Dorfromantik: This is a perfect tile alignment / placement:

Dorfromantik perfect alignment placement of tiles

The tile in the middle has perfect fitting edges to its neighbouring tiles. The edges are the same as the edges of the neighbouring tiles.
 The bordering tiles fit perfect to the tile in the middle.

This is „perfect“, gives you a perfect rating und one extra tile.

Dorfromantik: This is a good tile alignment / placement:

Dorfromantik good alignment placement of tiles

The edge of one tile is not the same as its neighbours edge. They do not fit together. (They are not the same.) 
(red circle)

This does not grant you a „perfect“ rating. This means you do not receive one more tile.

If only one edge is wrong, you do not receive a perfect rating.

Dorfromantik: Helpful tips

1. Take your time! 

You are not in a rush in Dorfromantik.
 (The creator of this infographic (and text) sometimes needs 5 minutes for one dicision. Ask his girlfriend how impressed she is with his obsession.)

2. Pick your sacrifice! 

Sometimes you have to place tiles in a flawed or imperfect way. 
This will often happen with train or river tiles.

Accept this sacrifice!

3. Finish quests!

If you finish a quest, you receive 5 extra tiles.

4. Get some rest!

Optimizing every dicision can be exhausting. Get some rest if you feel tired. This will prevent you from making bad decisions. (This is important, becauce Dorfromantik does not forgive mistakes.)

Dorfromantik: Photo and screenshot for proof of high score

Dorfromantik Highscore Foto Photo

Dorfromantik Highscore Screenshot

On the fourth of april 2021 my highscore was 37570.

My position in the ranking list was 81. (Out of tens of thousands of players.)

I had eleven unused tiles. This means if I continue playing my score will rise. (But I’m not in a hurry.)

Thoughts about Dorfromantik:

Dorfromantik is a special game. It is so easy, everyone can start and play it. But if you want to master the game, you have to invest time and energy to understand its inner logic.

Everyone can start playing the game. You just need to place forest, builds big cities, lay tracks and build long rivers. Maybe at one point, you ask yourself: How can I play this game more efficiently or more perfectly? This is the point that separates the casual gamers from gamers, who want to master the game. Nonetheless you always have fun with this game.

Trying to play as perfect as possible means that Dorfromantik is more a game of trying to optimize every decision than it is a puzzle game. This will be more challenging the more tiles are on the map, because of the number of possible combinations will rise. This means you need good memory retention to think about the best placement for a tile.

Comment: Sorry for grammer mistakes. This infographic was made by a non english native speaker.

You can find the infographic for free download here. Just download the infographic if you want.

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