Did Shannon Schaeffer (from Painkiller) really exist? Was she a real / real person? Netflix, explanation

In the series „Painkiller“ (Netflix 2023) Shannon Schaeffer was a sales representative at Purdue Pharma. Did she really exist?

Did Shannon Schaeffer (from Painkiller) really exist? Was she a real / real person? Netflix, explanation

No, Shannon Schaeffer is a fictional character. She did not really exist. Shannon Schaeffer’s character’s job is to show viewers how Purdue went about and how salespeople worked. Shannon Schaeffer puts a face to the sales team. She is representative of all the greedy and morally weak salespeople. Money is their only motivation.

In the series „Painkiller“ it is shown how the saleswomen ensnare the doctors and drive them to prescribe more pills and in higher doses. Concerns of the doctors should also be downplayed. For this, the lie of the less than 1 percent who become addicted was told. Recruitment practices for new saleswomen are also addressed in the series.

Interestingly, Shannon Schaeffer is shown several times having doubts about OxyContin and its methods. She is never one hundred percent convinced. However, the money and statements such as that it is people’s own fault if they abuse the pills corrupt her.

Shannon Schaeffer struggles with herself and the moral dilemma. She makes a lot of money from her job. But the company she works for is harming society and people. (Editor’s note: The writers have resolved this dilemma in favor of the audience. Because Shannon Schaeffer gives in to her conscience and supports the prosecution.

Shannon Schaeffer (Painkiller): More facts, info

Whether there has ever been a Purdue Pharma sales employee or sales representative who has shared internal information with prosecutors is not known to the editors. With so many employees, however, it is a distinct possibility.

Shannon Schaeffer is played by West Duchovny. West Duchovny is the daughter of David Duchovny and Téa Leoni. (Yes, the David Duchovny from Stock X and Californication.)

The Netflix series „Painkiller“ is a movie adaptation of the book „Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America’s Opioid Epidemic“ by Barry Meier.

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